While using Python for GIS development, getting your environment setup can be a challenge in and of itself. In this post, I explain how to alleviate this process using conda and introduce several open-source packages for geo-spatial analysis.
Getting started with OpenStreetMap data can be an intimidating process. With so many data formats to choose from, how does one pick the correct one and get started? In this post, I guide you through one possible way to organise and process this data using PostgreSQL and Python.
Check out the slides from my recent presentation about asyncio at Python Users Berlin and read an exciting Python related announcement.
For the last half year or so, I worked on my master thesis project which explores using a walkability index to plan for auto-reduction measures in Kiel. Learn more and find a link to the full thesis in this post.
Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Python Users Berlin group about the upcoming Pattern Matching feature. Check out this post to get the slides and learn more.
This essay covers the history of the automobile and the underlying societal forces leading to its success. Also included is a discussion of how alternatives are being proposed and implemented.
Learn how I use Pandoc and Github for creating a productive and safe (i.e. backups) writing environment
These are the results of a study I outlined in a previous blog post. In it I show the and compare the speeds of bicycling, driving and public transit.
With this article, I want to propose a method for investigating how fast it takes to travel using different modes in the city of Kiel in Germany.
This essay explores Portland's vegetation cover and how it reveals the city's uneven ecological and social landscape.
In this longer essay formatted article, I explore the roots of our mechanical worldview and the effects it has on the hubris of humanity with an example taken from carbon capture and sequestration.
It's time to highlight several musicians that have had a big impact on the music I make. I'll introduce you to the artists as well provide my history as a musician
Even more cats that I have known throughout my life.
Here's a list of cats that I've gotten to know over the years and a brief run down of their unique personalities.
In this longer, essay style post, I compare wind energy development in two different regions of the world: Oregon and Oaxaca.
Learn how to use decorators in Python by walking through a practical example using a PostgreSQL database connections.
Look at how I used several differnt data sources to create a map of Portland's crime data with a link to the live example.