Resume #

Work Experience #

Christian-Albrechts Universität zu Kiel #

Part time Student Assistant - Kiel, Germany - April 2020 - October 2021

CAPA Strategies #

Software Engineer - Portland, OR, USA (Remote) - January 2020- October 2021

Vacasa #

Software Engineer - Portland, OR, USA - 2018-2019

Campaign Monitor #

Software Engineer - Portland, OR, USA - 2017-2018

Pacific Coast Distributors #

Software Engineer - Portland, OR, USA — 2015-2017

Rocket Internet #

Software Engineer - Berlin, Germany — 2014-2015

Education #

M.S. Sustainability, Society and the Environment #

Chrisitian-Albrechts University - Kiel, Germany - 2021

Concentrations: mobility, urban development and planning

B.S. Social Science #

Portland State University - Portland, OR, USA

Minor: Economics

Research Projects #

Master Thesis: "Mapping Alternative Mobility Accessibility in Kiel: The Argument for Auto-reduction Strategies" #

In this project, I developed a walkability of index and used it to plan various auto-reduction measures for the city of Kiel. GIS was used heavily in this project, and much of the code I wrote for it is now open source (available here: The project also has a companion website which presents the results of my findings.


Urban Heat Island Research #

As a technical assistant, my primary role was helping develop remote sensing hardware for the collection temperature and GPS data. The early prototypes I developed eventually led to the development of production units. Additionally, I was in charge of developing a web application for the management of the data that we collected. Although this web application prototype never led to primary usage, lessons learned during its development informed future decisions regarding data management.