The Internet Needs Even More Cats

Because of the popularity of the first post, I decided to write another one after being provided with a nice trove of pictures of several cats from my childhood.

Felix #

Felix One Felix Two Felix Two

Felix was the first black cat I ever met. We got him when I was about one year old or so. It was a cool experience growing up with a cat who was about as old you were, and I spent a lot of time with him growing up. This guy made it just about 18 years. Not a bad run for a cat!

Zack #

Zach One Zach Two Zach Three

Our family got Zack right around when we got Felix, so they were just about the same age (maybe even from the same litter if I am not mistaken). Zack really liked being outside and would occasionally get in to trouble. This led to a racoon (or something) taking a decent size chunk of his ear off.

Tigger #

Tigger One Tigger Two

Tigger, named after the Winnie the Pooh character, was my brother's cat (if I remember correctly, I had just gotten a new dog, so he got a cat). He was a pretty cool cat, but would occasionally freak out. I had to save him from getting stuck on a mattress that had been laid on its side once (his claws were stuck in the mattress).