Masters of Revolution

Home Studio Home studio I made in the corner of my uncle's living room in 2016

Like of most of my projects, this was one that got started but then never really finished (but are they ever really finished?). Regardless, it will always be on the perennial back-burner of my musical endeavours.

After writing nothing but metal for most of my life, I wanted to see what would happen when I slowed things down and tried to sing clearly instead of growling screams. I was also inspired by the music I was playing while I was in the band Megaton Leviathan, which was much slower and more repetitive than what I was used too. I am also super into gothic music styles too, so that also had a big influence.

The following songs were meant to be the demo for this project, but it never fully materialized. So, it feels nice to finally publish them somewhere, so that they may be forever remembered (or forgotten).

The Demo #

# Title
1 Lost Light
2 In an Endless Way
3 Masters of Silence
4 The Road

Song-by-song descriptions #

Lost Light #

This was the very first song I wrote for this project (way back in the latter half of 2016) and still one of my favorites. The lyrics are admittedly vague and meaningless (I am not the best poet). My hope was that they convey a sense of hopelessness, fear and doubt.

In an Endless Way #

The second song I wrote for this project, the lyrics of this song were actually written with some sort of a purpose in mind. As I wrote it, many fascist-litetm regimes were gaining power all around the world, and I meant to write it from the perspective of the individuals receiving the unwanted wrath from these racist and sexist organizations.

Masters of Silence #

I came up with the main riff I used for this song about 8 years ago and before I recorded this, had always been looking for somewhere to use it. The alternating tritone and minor chords give a nice sense of dissonance, tension and release, which made a great base for stacking more melodies on top of.

Sadly, this is actually incomplete in it's current incantation. I hope to finish it one day....

The Road #

This was the latest track I recorded for this project. I was pretty excited to use a new acoustic guitar I had recently bought for it (you will hear it in the first half). I am still not sure about the break in the middle to a heavier more distorted section. If I ever revisit this track, I'll most likely keep it entirely acoustic.