Enkindled Bonds

Cover art Cover art made with MS Paint circa 2009

Enkindled Bonds was the name I gave to my first metal project. I wrote and recorded most of this stuff when I was 19. Although the music was okay (in my opinion), the drum machines were terrible. I mostly relied on "Redrum" in Reason using some pretty inappropriate drum kits (funk/disco). But, regardless, still pretty entertaining.

The name Enkindled Bonds was something I came up with while smoking a lot of weed. These "bonds" were supposedly the ones you make with friends after enkindling the sacrament (weed). Beyond that, there really was not much more to that name. The song lyrics were mostly just about things like society collapsing (Crisis Now) or invading terrors (Unholy, Blasphemous, Beast).

The Demo #

# Title
1 Crisis Now
2 Unholy, Blasphemous, Beast
3 War On
4 Golden Brown